IV Hydration FAQs

Who Can Benefit From This Service?
Almost everyone.  You don’t have to feel unwell to benefit from hydration and oxygenation. The end goal is rejuvenation.  Great for hangovers, jet lag, pre-party preparation for nights on the town, pre-post athletic events, and more.
Will Everyone Receive IV Fluids That Wants Them?

No. There are exclusion criteria such as clients on dialysis, congestive heart failure, and some other diseases that will not be allowed IV fluids in our facility. Everyone will have to fill out and sign a simple prescreening questionnaire. This is why having an experienced ER physician on staff as the in-house Medical Director and Co-Owner is important and separates us from the rest of the competition. Pick one thing, and do it well!

Are You a Medical Clinic or Urgent Care?

No. We do not consider anyone a patient.  They are considered clients and we do not make diagnoses or “treat”medical issues.  We reserve the right to refuse any IV fluid infusion and if we feel you have a condition that needs medical attention, we will inform the client to seek actual medical treatment at an emergency department or appropriate medical facility.

What is Included In the Service?

IV hydration and flavored oxygen bar. (500 ml or 1000ml IV infusion of normal saline)

How Much Does it Cost?

$179.00 minimum. Other additional costs will be factored in depending on additional volume of infusion.

How Long Does it Take for Infusion?

It will take approximately 45 – 60 minutes per session.

Can You Book Appointments Online?

Yes, please use our easy calendar to schedule your next IV Hydration session.

Do You Take Walk-Ins?

Yes, if you decide last minute that you need IV Hydration, please feel free to stop by our location at 4507 Furling Ln. Ste, 207 Destin, FL 32541.

What if I am Scared of Needles?
Our staff is highly experienced, trained RNs with minimum 2 years experience in the emergency department or ICU.  We also offer ways to minimize any pain of IV needle insertion (sprays and creams that numb the skin prior to needle placement).
Why Do I Need IV Fluids and Oxygen When I Can Just Drink Water or Breathe Outside Air?

You are absolutely right. However, IV fluids bypass the gut and go directly into your bloodstream, achieving near instant effect of cell hydration and function. Same goes for oxygen. In it’s concentrated form, this has been medically proven to help with headaches from hangovers, jet lag, and athletic performance.

What is an Oxygen Bar?

Oxygen bars serve purified concentrated oxygen, often infused with scents.  The oxygen is administered into your nostrils through a tube called a nasal cannula.

What are the Benefits of an Oxygen Bar?

Studies have shown that participants reported an improvement in well-being, alertness, stamina, fatigue and sleep patterns.  There has also evidence that supplemental oxygen helps relieve hangovers and cluster headaches.

Are Oxygen Bars Safe?

If you have a respiratory or vascular medical condition, oxygen bars could be harmful and should be avoided.  Do not use an oxygen bar if you are under the influence of illicit street drugs or alcohol.  Check with your doctor before using an oxygen bar if you have any medical concerns.